Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Bazfoul Live in Tampere - video

Here is a musical clip from the ambient set, together with a sample of the visuals that were being projected at the same time. They were created with SuperCollider - various presets specifying the shapes and colours were being chosen, mixed up and morphed between in real time. The image compression involved in making and uploading the video has created loads of nasty artifacts not present in the original, just for your information! Although they are sort of cute in themselves. You have to see this projected on a large screen, it looked crisp.

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steve said...

I really love this song - such a classic. I still play this entire cd frequently. The vid is great too - love the geometric shapes, colors and minimalism, and the way it continually spells "cylob". I just posted it as a feature for a week at my blog as well! Thanks for sharing this - you did a fine job on the live version!