Thursday, 15 November 2007

Taking The Mix - Illegal Autechre

Hey, you know about Mixes DB don't you? They have loads of things on there, quite a staggering number of rare and interesting stuff. I've been getting well into old Joey Beltram, Jeff Mills and Derrick May sets. In fact, this particular Del-Boy special features a track at the beginning which could only be the man himself, yet I don't recognise it from anything - maybe it's an unreleased treasure, or maybe I'm just forgetful. Anyway it's really good. The find of the day has to be an old Autechre set from summer 1991, broadcast on IBC Manchester - "Illegal Broadcasting Corporation." Not only an hour of great tunes, but the boys sounding very fresh and young! The rumour is that more of these recordings are due to surface. I can't wait.

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